Island Aviation Services Ltd celebrates 19 years of service

PUBLISHED April 14, 2019

In celebration of their 19th anniversary of operations, Island Aviation Services Ltd (IASL) held a multitude of events which impacted their day-to-day activities as well showed the people their commitment towards the community, as the National Airline.

A special function was held with their dedicated staffs, where they announced the plans to cease the use of single-use plastics by next year, 2020.

Speaking at the function which was held on April 14, 2019 Deputy Managing Director of IASL, Ms. Aishath Jennifer said "We have stopped all use of plastic cups in our domestic flights. We have decided to use wooden cutlery instead of the plastic cutlery, which we now use in our international flights."

The company has also stopped the use of plastic water bottles within the company, by introducing glass water bottles which can be reusable by all the employees. Jennifer reports that these initial steps will achieve the goal of ceasing the use of single-use plastics by the year 2020.

Another major change they announced was the extension of working hours of their call center, commencing from 21st April 2019, said Mr. Mohamed Rizvi, Managing Director of IASL. The extension means; the call center will be open from 0800hrs to 000hrs Saturday through Thursday, and open from 1400hrs to 2200hrs on Fridays.

In the exclusive interview with The islandchief team, Rizvi also stated that the transformation phase includes optimizing some of the other functions with the departments and provide better infrastructure solutions for the company. He highly believes that organizations key pillars are the dedicated staffs and quality in service. 

He also said that they are very proud that Maldivian is now flying to 10 international and 10 domestic destinations and Maldivian plays an important role in contributing to the economy and flourishing tourism across the country. 

On the occasion of the 19th Anniversary of IASL, a blood donation camp was also held among the staffs. The main aim of the company is to retain and maintain customer service by changing public perception and further develop the Maldivian brand. 


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