W Maldives “Let It Glow” Design

PUBLISHED June 12, 2021 | updated June 12, 2021 00:40

W Maldives Retreat interiors features a remarkable design called Let It Glow.  The shine in the dark concept complements well with W’s innovative architectural design and contemporary living aesthetics. W Maldives is a marvelous combination of top luxury and local traditions blended with taste and elegance. The resort offers 78 spacious private retreats available in 5 categories that are perfectly integrated in the environment.

Each of these retreat features a high quality BOSE audiovisual equipment, complete privacy, a plunge pool, contemporary design furniture signed by top designers and delightful amenities. The excellent location of the stunning resort house reef allows all villas with a quick and direct access to astonishing snorkeling spots. W has gone for top designers to work on a superb design borrowed from the colorful marine life of the Indian Ocean. The ultra-stylish and sophisticated retreats are inspired by twinkling stars and fluorescent planktons with ‘Let It Glow’ in mind.

Among the chic design elements spread around the resort, the iconic stingray rocking chair from Designer Pederson can be seen in the beautifully named water villas, Spectacular Ocean Oasis. In the beach villas called the Wonderful Beach Oasis, a unique glowing rope lamp and a beautifully hand knotted ceiling hammock can be found, conceived by the well-known Paris-based designer Christian Haas.

Apart from this, alluring signature pillows which represents the patterns of corals and jelly, a glowing starfish pillow on the bed and the ravishing medusa bedside lights designed by Roxy Towry-Russel, creates an exquisite environment in the Fabulous Ocean Oasis. Some of the villas also feature signature rugs inspired from the sea, a jellyfish see- through coffee table and an Italian designer cocktail trolley bar which speaks divine for any guest entering those villas.

The bathrooms in the Wonderful Beach Oasis also comprises of ‘Let It Glow’ design elements such as phosphorescent and genius lighting system with items like urchin shell air plants, glowing stones and swarm lamps that glow in the night.


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