Soneva Fushi Unveils All-New Food Journeys at Shades of Green

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PUBLISHED July 08, 2021 | updated July 08, 2021 03:30

Soneva Fushi the award-winning barefoot luxury resort in the Maldives’ Baa Atoll, has revealed a seasonal selection of new menus at Shades of Green. The plant-based dining experience is set within Soneva Fushi’s organic island gardens, taking diners on an immersive culinary journey that ignites all the senses.  

The five new menus by Danish chef, Carsten Kyster, are based on the vibrant colours of freshly picked produce: Purple, Yellow, Orange, Red and Green. They fuse the flavours and fragrant spices of Maldivian and South-east Asian cuisine with Chef Kyster’s Nordic heritage, prepared using traditional techniques such as smoking, salting, fermenting and pickling to let the ingredients shine. Each colourful menu features six courses – Cleansing, Crispy, Raw, Grains, Fire, Sweets – with simple yet innovative dishes that showcase the finest seasonal vegetables, salads, fruit and herbs cultivated at Soneva Fushi. 

Highlights include: the Purple menu’s Cleansing hibiscus kombucha, blue potato chips and salted beetroots, and Crispy aubergine, with rouille, blue potatoes, prickly ash vinegar, amaranth, wild garden purslane and sweet basil flower; Raw pumpkin, orange beetroots, almond ricotta, leek ash, finger lime, garden flowers, carrot chips and herb soya on the Orange menu; the Yellow menu’s Grain course, with triple-cooked carrot, fermented black garlic, Maldivian curry, coconut sour cream, black truffle and Japanese spring onions; Fire on the Green menu, with grilled pressed portobello mushroom, pea purée, salted lemons, raw asparagus, ramson flower, shitake, morels krapow and crispy holy basil; and the Red menu’s Sweets, with chocolate, beetroots, almond cake, porridge ice cream, raw sun choke, caramelised ginger and garden herbs. 

Every meal at Shades of Green begins with a tour around Soneva Fushi’s gardens, inviting guests to find out more about the food featured on the menu. Surrounded by the vibrant colours and heady scents that fill the air, diners are seated at communal tables to inspire conversation with fellow guests and the Shades of Green chefs while they dine.  

A focus on organic, plant-based dining is part of Soneva’s SLOW LIFE philosophy, which champions holistic wellbeing and a healthier, more sustainable way of living. Red meat has been almost completely removed from Soneva menus across its resorts in the Maldives and Thailand, and the use of dairy products and refined sugars and flours has been significantly reduced.  

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