Government of India to facilitate return of Indian nationals in the Maldives

PUBLISHED May 04, 2020

Government of India will be facilitating the return of Indian nationals in Maldives on compelling grounds in a phased manner, said High Commission of India (HCI) in Maldives.

 The travel will be arranged by aircraft and Naval ships. 1st phase begins on 8th May from Male to Kochi in an Indian Naval ship with the capacity for 700 individuals. The government of India informs that Standard Operating Protocol (SOP) has been prepared in this regard.

HCI is currently reaching out to Indians who wish to travel on Compelling Grounds such as medical emergencies, pregnancy, stranded tourists and job-lost migrant workers.

Medical screening of passengers would be done before taking the flight. Only asymptomatic passengers will be allowed to travel. During the journey, all these passengers would have to follow the protocols such as the Health Protocols issued by the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Civil Aviation.

On reaching the destination, all passengers will be medically screened and quarantined for 14 days, either in a hospital or in an institutional quarantine on payment-basis, by the concerned state government, says Indian government.


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