Think Global, Act Local - SC Capital Partners and Reethi Beach Resort Collaborate with MWSRP Kick Starts their First Local Educational Trip

PUBLISHED September 26, 2022 | updated September 26, 2022 02:18

On September 14, 2022, Reethi Beach Resort along with Maldives Whale Shark Research Program (MWSRP), Ocean Fanatics and SC Capital Partners Pte Ltd visited the Baa Atoll School in Dharavandhoo to conduct an educational trip for local young Maldivians to create both an awareness about marine biodiversity conservation as well as potential job opportunities in the field of marine science.  

The event was graced by Denise Schmidt the General Manager at Reethi Beach Resort and Hwang Yu the Executive Director & Head of Sustainability at SC Capital Partners Pte Ltd along with the management and staff of the resort and Ocean Fanatics. The awareness program was conducted by Chloe Winn and Naomi from MWSRP, where they elaborated the need for protection of whale sharks and its immense contribution towards managing our marine ecosystem. The program focused on educating the youth on the environmental values and the importance on conserving them. The whale shark has been protected by law here in Maldives since 1995, and with programs such as these, Reethi Beach Resort along with its stakeholders were able to further reaffirm the need for future young leaders to also commit themselves to uphold the values of conserving their marine ecosystem that surrounds them.  

The program hosted more than 30 students from the secondary school upwards along with faculty members and the principal of Baa Atoll School. After conducting an interesting session by Chloe and her team, the students were left curious with them shooting various questions about the whale sharks and the surrounding ecosystem, which eventually concluded a fun yet informative Q&A session.  

The event also witnessed a book donation by Reethi Beach Resort to the Baa Atoll School library. As part of many CSR activities Reethi Beach is involved in, the donation highlighted the importance of resorts and their impact on uplifting local communities and its inhabitants, in this case the young thriving children on Dharavandhoo.  

The first of the many events planned during the month-long collaboration with MWSRP successfully concluded with over 30 young minds now aware and committed to a more sustainable future. And today, Reethi Beach is proud along with its stakeholders to have made a local act with a global impact for generations to come.  

The dedicated travel connoisseurs of Reethi Beach Resort are on hand to tailor the trip of a lifetime for its prospective guests. For more information on Reethi Beach Resort please visit For reservations, please email or call +9606602626.  


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