Maldivian Event Organizers & Managers Worried about Crash in Business if Sector Lacks Support from Government

PUBLISHED April 08, 2020

Leading event firms have raised concerns over the challenges already faced due to Covid-19 and having resorts and events shut down. The events and advertising sector of the Maldives has played an important role in marketing local companies and hosting a variety of events for the government, the resort sector, state owned enterprises and small and large private companies. Activities of the companies in the sector include equipment rental, large format digital printing, marketing and advertising, TV production, radio and online advertisements, photography and videography, music and art production, venue rental, as well as transport and logistics services related to events. 

"Its tough for every industry as the world has stopped. Survival has been the priority and how long we all can manage. Financially, we are in a service industry and when theres no demand, we crash unlike material businesses.  Unless otherwise there are any financial incentives focused, we all will crash.  We hope that the government will consider businesses though it hasnt made profits last year when considering on loans and incentives, otherwise only the few would be entitled"


The sector benefits over 1000 individuals in various areas of work under contract and on event basis, while paying over MVR 60 million annually as staff salaries, and rent of over MVR 18 million for office and godown spaces. 

"We are a forgotten industry who is directly affected by Covid-19. With huge investments in the latest technical equipment and with a fleet of 100% trained local technical staff, this industry has catered from small- to large-scale celebrations, government and international functions to million-dollar weddings of the richest in the world in the most luxurious resorts in the country. With the rapid fall of our tourism industry and the cost cutdown strategy of both the government and the corporate sector during the start of the year, and with measures taken for the safety of Covid-19, the event industry is in a total blackout."

AHMED MIDHATH - Managing Director 

The Covid-19 pandemic has almost wiped out all business activities of this sector as a large percentage of the business comes from the hospitality industry. At the same time, cuts in the budgets of major companies and the requirement for social distancing has led to a total cessation of events and advertising activities. 

"With no sources of income, we in the event productions sector have no way of paying rent for our godowns or offices. Most importantly, our employees salaries must be protected in the coming months. Many of whom have spent their entire life building their skill set in this industry in order to feed their families. We need of an aid package to support us in order to stand even a remote chance of recovering from this economic catastrophe."

AHMED HAISHAM -  Managing Director

"Covid-19 has dimmed the lights on this industry. In times of uncertainty, its crucial to plan as far ahead as possible. As we try to maneuver through this difficult time, it's important that businesses help each other and pull up the most affected."

HAMID UMAR - Managing Director

For the sector and its employees, it is a time of uncertainty and as all are small companies, sustaining businesses has become an impossible challenge. While all the companies are struggling to ensure that staff are retained and paid during this period of crisis, companies in the industry are collectively looking for consideration from the government, similar to that given to many of the other local economic sectors, so that the employees in the sector and their families are safeguarded during these difficult and challenging times. 


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