Expedite Maldives: Special Offers on Powerful Multi-Purpose Disinfectant ‘Virol-Oxy’

PUBLISHED September 20, 2020

Expedite Maldives has announced special offers on Virol-Oxy, manufactured by Watch Water® (Germany). Virol-Oxy is a powerful and unique disinfectant that effectively destroys bacteria, viruses, spores and fungi in a wide range of application.

The product is safe towards humans, animals, plants and the environment, as it eliminates bacteria and viruses and does not contain ozone-depleting substances. It is a unique powder which is dissolved in normal water for use, providing a safe working solution. Virol-Oxy is a balanced and stabilized blend of powdered Hydrogen Peroxide and Crystalline Titanium Dioxide (Titansorp P) compounds, surfactants and organic buffer chemistry with an exceptional safety profile.

Properties of Virol-Oxy:

• 100% Water Soluble

• Non-Hazardous

• Non-Flammable

• Non-Alcohol

• Non-Toxic

• Biodegradable Green Product

• Fragrance-Free

Virol-Oxy one of the few disinfection products in the market that has passed strict European & FDA standard testing. It addition to being one of the safest deactivated powders which is easy to use, it has a wide usability-based spectrum of activities which can be used in a very large number of applications.

The product has been tested according to EN14476 standards & expert opinions to deactivate CORONOVIRUS SARSCOV-2, and has a ≥99.999% reduction for one Surrogate Virus of bacteriophage.

To view certification of the product: https://www.virol-oxy.com/certification For further queries: call (+960) 7229595, email info@expeditemaldives.com

Virol-Oxy is solely imported and distributed by Expedite Maldives Pvt Ltd, providor of a wide range of health and safety equipment at customers’ reach.

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