Velana International Airport Marks Record-breaking Seaplane Movements in a Single Day

PUBLISHED January 07, 2024 | updated January 07, 2024 03:53

Velana International Airport celebrates a new milestone, witnessing 649 seaplane air traffic movements on January 2, 2024. As revealed by the Maldives Airports Company Pvt Ltd, the seaplane movements surpassed previously recorded 635 ATMs in a single day from 2023, symbolizing the countless passengers visiting the Maldives. 

The increase in seaplane movements at Velana International Airport were mostly contributed by the large number of tourists visiting the Maldives for the holiday season and the New Year. 

Maldives Airports Compant Pvt Ltd commented that its a remarkable accomplishment with collaborative effort from seaplane operations of Trans Maldivian Airways, Manta Air and Maldivian. 

Part of the strategic development for peak season, Velana International Airport has further expanded the designated parking slots for jet accommodation from 39 to 68 infront of the new Fuel Farm and at the southwest corner. Most recently, Maldives Airports Company Pvt Ltd made an announcement urging passengers to arrive at the airport 3 hours prior to departure of international flights to avoid long queues and delay as heavy traffic is expected on January 7, 2024. 



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