MTCC CEO States: 100% Maldivian Crew to Work Onboard Mahaa Jarraafu from October 7 Onwards

PUBLISHED October 01, 2020 | updated October 01, 2020 00:38

Chief Executive Officer of Maldives Transport and Contracting Company (MTCC) Adam Azim has announced that commencing from Oct 7, 2020 onwards, all crew working onboard ‘Mahaa Jarraafu’ will be all Maldivians.  

As per the statement by CEO Azim, this decision will not only reduce the wage bill on foreign seafarers but also in turn provide employment opportunities for promising locals. 

The state-of-the-art versatile dredging vessel Mahaa Jarraafu has an overall length of 92.95 meters and a hopper capacity of 3700 m³ with a max dredging depth of 50m. Mahaa Jarraafu is also among the largest vessels in IHC’s Easydredge series. The specially designed dredging equipment is built with the aim of reducing carbon footprint while focusing on energy efficiency.  

The Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger “Mahaa Jarraafu” was officially handed over to MTCC in October 2017. “Mahaa Jarraafu” was built in Nantong Rainbow shipyard, China by IHC Holland. The vessel is expected to help further improve and expand the business horizons of MTCC in the dredging area.  

As dredging and reclamation is one of the core activities of MTCC since its inception, today the company owns the largest dredging fleet in the country and offers its customers cutting-edge dredging solutions.  

With the largest fleet of equipment in the country, MTCC has the capacity to execute several projects simultaneously in multiple locations across the country. They have successfully delivered various nationwide infrastructure development and construction projects of varying nature including harbor development, dredging and reclamation, sheet piling, sewerage works, building construction and airports and road development projects. 


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