STO Plc Signs as Co-sponsor of F&B Show 2022

PUBLISHED April 04, 2022

State Trading Organization (STO) Plc has signed as one of the co-sponsors for the 5th edition of Food & Beverage Show. The event organized by Highrise is to be held from June 2 to June 4, 2022 at Central Park, Hulhumale’ in partnership with HDC.  

F&B show will bring together the food and beverage industry of the Maldives in an exclusive show, attracting domestic and international attendees from resorts, hotels, guest houses, liveaboards, restaurant and foodservice operators, foodservice consultants, manufacturer’s agents, food brokers, food distributors, food and beverage wholesalers, exporters/importers, equipment manufacturers, culinary experts, etc.      

Food & Beverage Show is your opportunity to explore and sample the largest selection of foods and beverages, catering to the taste of the Maldives. F&B Show pre-event marketing and promotions are currently ongoing in a series of exciting and interactive activities. For the latest updates and activities of the event, follow @highrise on Facebook and @highriseint on Instagram.    

About STO Plc 

Building up on the background of solid commercial success, STO has streamlined its operations to where profit and viability matter as much as the need to ensure broad access to basic essentials at affordable prices. STO has become the dynamic organization demanded by a prosperous, rapidly developing country. With a diversity of businesses, STO stands testament to the country's economic potential. 

STO group, with its subsidiaries, joint ventures and associates, is a national leader in business. It has significant and focused interests in petroleum, cooking gas, construction materials (including cement and roofing material), medical supplies and pharmaceuticals, home appliances, electronics, supermarket products and insurance. The company is geographically diverse with operations and developments throughout Maldives and operations in Singapore. This has been achieved by direct procurement and distribution as well as forming joint ventures to effectively trade in areas where it presents greater opportunity. 


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