A Wellness Focused Start to the Year at JW Marriott Maldives Resort & Spa and The Westin Maldives Miriandhoo Resort

PUBLISHED January 11, 2023 | updated January 11, 2023 04:42

A quiet, relaxed and de-stressed atmosphere is everyone's inner wish and what better way to reset and start the year than at the luxurious JW Marriott Maldives Resort & Spa or the wellness oasis of The Westin Maldives Miriandhoo Resort. January 3 marked International Mind-Body Wellness Day, an opportunity to celebrate what a healthy mind and healthy emotions mean to achieving a healthy body. The mind, body and soul connection plays an integral role in our overall health - A healthy body drives a healthy mind and vice versa, promoting a holistic way of perceiving human well-being.

On the occasion of International Mind- Body Wellness Day, guests at JW Marriott Maldives Resort & Spa located in Shaviyani Atoll, were pampered with uninterrupted relaxation with wellness sessions and the launch of two exclusive Ayurvedic oil based treatments at the award-winning overwater Spa by JW. When our mind is rested, our body heals. Ayurvedic oils are created keeping in mind this benefit and are widely used to this day because of their effectiveness and no rush benefits. Ayurvedic oils are made by adding holistic healing herbs and balance them with the help of natures, the oils formulations are made keeping in mind the 3 doshas - Vatta, Pitta and Kapaha. 

On International Mind-Body Wellness Day, JW Marriott Maldives Resort & Spa which promotes mindfulness and holistic well-being true to its brand, launched two new treatments at Spa by JW, available at the resort for a month till January 31, 2023:

·  Shiro-Abhyanga - This traditional Ayurvedic head massage is performed with medicated herbal oil and aims to improve the flow of chakras in the body. It involves a variety of pressure techniques, including circular massage strokes that focus on marmas points, promoting sleep and stimulating the natural healing abilities of the body. 

·  Padabhyanga - This treatment alleviates muscle stiffness, relax the tiredness of the foot by applying moderate pressure in circular motions. It aims to balance the three doshas, to restore fluid transport in the body channels and provides energy to the body. 

On this year’s International Mind-Body Wellness Day, The Westin Maldives Miriandhoo Resort, situated on the Unesco Biosphere Reserve in Baa Atoll, crafted a special program with three different classes to reconnect body, mind and soul. Starting with a sunrise Yoga session against the backdrop of uninterrupted ocean views, followed by Mantra meditation to release the worries of the mind. The wellness resort also curated a stretching session specially for women, where they could enhance their strength, flexibility, coordination and range of motion. For the body, the Heavenly Spa offered a special experience known as ‘Detox Journey’ to leave the toxins and stress behind. Consisting on 30 minute of Heavenly scrub followed by 30 minute green tea wrap, and 60 minute Heavenly signature massage topped off with a fresh a rejuvenating juice to complete the journey. Last but not least the resort offered digestive drinks for a good sleep at their Sunset Bar, inspiring guests to rise rested and ready to take on a new day.



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