Island Aviation Services offers employees with the choice of no-pay leaves

PUBLISHED April 07, 2020

Island Aviation Services (IAS) reveals that its employees have been offered the option to go on no-pay leaves, during this unprecedented situation of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Representing the company at a press conference held at Dharubaaruge, Maldivian's Public Relations Manager, Moosa Waseem informs that this idea was proposed as a means of cutting down finances given the situation. Further adding that the contracts of the current employees are intact with no pay cuts or termination.

IAS board members and senior officials had agreed for their salaries to be reduced by 20 percent. This measure was taken as a response to the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak. Moosa also commented on the possible lower operational costs due to majority of the employees staying at home, "The electricity bill and water bill will be cheaper as employees do not come to the office anymore. Some employees are coming in to work only three days a week."

The airline industry has been hit the hardest with this newfound COVID-19 situation, bringing heavy loss resulting from border shutdowns across the world. Similarly, Maldives has temporarily halted majority of the airlines operations as a measure taken against the virus.


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