Veligaa Hardware donates 10 garbage cans to Hulhumale, contributing to the cleanliness of the city

PUBLISHED April 14, 2020

Veligaa Hardware has donated 10 garbage cans to Hulhumale' working alongside Housing Development Corporation Limited (HDC) for the cleanliness of the city.

"We are excited to work with HDC Maldives. It's time to put an extra effort to keep our city clean," stated Veligaa Hardware.

HDC informs that regular cleaning activities are carried out throughout Hulhumale' with the goal of maintaining a clean environment. As such, most recently, a Hulhumale' lagoon cleaning activity was conducted, collecting over 10 jumbo bags of waste in the area.

HDC furthermore, expressed immense gratitude towards the hardware company for the generous donation and effort in helping keep the city clean.


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