JLS Yachts Offers Internship for 15 Maldivians with RYA Powerboat License to Assist in Operation of Boats at Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

PUBLISHED November 14, 2022 | updated November 14, 2022 04:03

JLS Yachts- a Dubai based Superyacht agency and the marine house will host a crew of 64 staff from 5 different countries and travel to Saudi Arabia Riyadh to supply logistical and operational support to the waterpark activities on display during park operation at Riyadh season from Mid-November 2022 to the start of February 2023. 

JLS Yachts Training Institute Maldives based in K. Thulusdhoo has announced that 15 Maldivians who have completed RYA powerboat license will be flying to Saudi Arabia, Riyadh this week for an internship and assist in operation of boats in the water park.

Return Air Fare to Saudi Arabia, accommodation in Riyadh, Meals and in land transport is paid by JLS Yachts Maldives/ Superyacht Maldives. During this 2-month internship an allowance will be provided to each student.

These students will return to Maldives on February 4, 2023 and will be available in the job market as professional boat drivers. They will speak the language of RYA “Slow is Pro” One hand Steer one hand Gear”. They will also be taught the rules of the road and will possess the full knowledge of actions to be taken in various situations like head on situation, crossing situation and over taking situations. 

JLS Yachts Training Institute Maldives ensures that with these boats drivers, guests onboard will be able to experience the most comfortable and smoothest ride possible. JLS Yachts remain committed to train more power boat drivers to RYA standards. 

For more information on JLS training courses, please contact the company's Chief Instructor on 960 7500745 or email: training.maldives@jlsyachts.com.


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