Monthly Campaign - "Take Back Your Trash With You"

PUBLISHED January 07, 2021 | updated January 07, 2021 02:23

National Boating Association of Maldives (NBAM) and Save The Beach team commenced a joint monthly campaign - "Take Back your Trash With You" as a CSR initiative programme with volunteers to clean the beaches of Maldives.  

The first trip was done on 28th November 2020. The team departed from Hulhumale at 0800hrs to a Private Sand Bank at Grand Park Kodhipparu from Nooraanee Safari boat. Complimentary food and transport were provided on Princess Haseena safari by Nooraanee Travels Pvt Ltd.  

Save beach team - include millennials, youth, ocean lovers as volunteers. The purpose of this movement is to address the steadily growing issue of public littering and leaving behind all manner of trash on sandbanks that are utilized for general picnic use.  

The trash found on Kodhipparu sandbank was mostly mixed waste. The food waste left behind on the sandbank had become rotten and hence there were numerous maggots in the trash. This of course attracts seafaring birds who then feed on materials, including plastic fragments, which they are not certainly not supposed to eat.  

Sadly, the team was not able to conduct the usual waste audit, because the trash had maggots and due to some of having been burnt and thus melted together. However, the trash was collected in bags, weighed and transported back to the city with us. In total save the beach team collected 108 kgs of mixed waste. However, only 8kgs of waste was collected on the second trip, for which transport and food was arranged on Horizon 2 safari by Blue Horizon Pvt Ltd. 

Kicking off the initiative, the #takebackyourTRASHwithyou campaign ‘cleanup trips’ are planned to be held once a month.  Save The Beach said they will announce trips as they get scheduled and there will be opportunities for volunteers to take part in these cleanups.  



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