Maldives Record 7 Percent Increase in Tourist Arrivals till November 2018

PUBLISHED December 15, 2018

Ministry of Tourism has announced that the Maldives recorded a 7 percent increase in the number of tourist arrivals till November 2018 when compared to the previous year.

According to the statistics revealed by the Ministry, a total of 125,601 tourists visited the Maldives in November alone. And 1,333,456 tourists visited Maldives from January to November.

Tourist Arrivals (region wise):

Europe: 643,655 arrivals (48.3 percent)

Asia Pacific: 567,891 arrivals (42.5 percent)

Americas: 61,044 arrivals (4.6 percent)

Middle East: 47,597 arrivals (3.6 percent)

Africa: 12,993 arrivals (1 percent)

Top 10 Tourist Arrivals (nation wise):

China: 20 percent

Germany: 8 percent

UK: 7.8 percent

Italy 6.6 percent

India: 5.7 percent

Russia: 4.3 percent

France: 3.3 percent

US: 2.8 percent

Japan: 2.8 percent

Australia: 2.6 percent

While statistics show that tourist arrivals have increased in all top 10 countries, except for China, it also  There has also been a 10.4 percent increase in time spent by tourists in the Maldives.

The Maldives currently has 44,345 tourist beds, out of which an average of 41,715 beds remained occupied throughout the year from January to November.

The government of the Maldives has recently pledged to promote and enhance the tourism sector of the Maldives with new initiatives and more funding.

Dozens of uninhabited islands to local and foreign resort developers over the past five years and a number of international brands have entered into the Maldivian market increasing the number of resorts. More resorts are expected to open over the next two years, increasing the numbers yet again.

Along with the new resort openings, the guesthouse sector is also rapidly expanding in order to meet the increasing demand from budget travellers who choose guesthouses over luxury resorts that the Maldives is known for.

The Maldives welcomed the one-millionth visitor of 2018 in September. Efforts have been taken this year to increase the promotion of the destination in key markets such as China and the Middle East in order to reach an ambitious target of a record 1.5 million tourist arrivals.


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