Maldives Takes Over Instagram as the Most Shared Destination Right Now

Photo: Hideaway Beach Resort & Spa
PUBLISHED February 28, 2021 | updated February 28, 2021 02:41

According to an analysis by, The Maldives is the most instagrammed tourist destination right now, with the Eiffel Tower and Times Square close behind.  

The team at My Baggage has researched and revealed that more photos in The Maldives are shared on Instagram than of any other tourist destination or landmark in the world. The team noted that the COVID-19 pandemic and various worldwide lockdowns brought a halt to many holidays for Brits, and a newfound appreciation for travel sparked. This is a sentiment that people from all over the world will be experiencing right now.  

The team at ‘My Baggage’ also highlighted the increase in social media and digital media usage over the past year, stating that “2020 has truly been a digital year as accessibility has improved and our desired holiday destination is just a click away”. The increase in digital usage and the immense popularity of Instagram inspired the team at My Baggage to analyze which tourist destinations were the most popular on Instagram.  

With over 95 million photos uploaded on Instagram daily, the research looked at the overall number of hashtags for tourist attractions. The Maldives currently boasts 8.8 million hashtags and images uploaded to the photo-sharing website - overtaking all other tourist destinations or landmarks across the globe.  

France’s Eiffel Tower scooped second place, with 6.5 million photos shared on Instagram with the attraction’s hashtag, followed by Times Square in New York with 4.4 million images. With limited options available for holidaying amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, the Maldives has become the destination of choice for many, including influencers.  

Due to stringent measures and the naturally distanced geography of the small Island nation, the Maldives is one of the safest destinations to travel to at the moment. While tourists are not required to quarantine or test on arrival, they are required to complete an online health declaration form within 24 prior to departure and produce a negative PCR test conducted at least 96 hours prior to their departure.  

Maldives is gaining recognition in the efforts to make the island nation a safe destination for travelers. The country received the “Safe Travels Stamp” by the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC), in recognition of the efforts to implement enhanced health and safety measures, in line with the WTTC global Safe Travels protocols .

Additionally, Velana International Airport received the ACI Airport Health Accreditation for consistent measures, which are in line with ACI’s standards in the “new normal” during the pandemic. Velana International Airport is the second airport in the Asia Pacific Region to receive the Health Accreditation.


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