MATATO conveys concern with regard to recent fatal incidents in the tourism inductry

PUBLISHED January 22, 2019

Maldives Association of Travel Agents and Tour Operators (MATATO) has earnestly asked Maldivian authorities along with tourist establishments for stricter safety standards to make sure tourists are safe.

MATATO expressed concern over the increasing number of drownings and fires in the tourist establishments in Maldives, in a press statement last Monday.

They stressed the need for stricter safety standards and better awareness and safety instructions in regard to tourists.

Ministry of Tourism has also expressed their concern over the increasing number of incidents in the Maldives and announced a campaign to re-inspect all tourist establishments in Maldives to make sure all establishments are up to code.

MATATO acknowledged in its statement, the initiative but also stressed the need for all stakeholders of the tourism industry to come together in a collective effort, by organizing individual initiations which would help create a better safety regulation as well as awareness and education for tourists.

"For a nation heavily dependent on the tourism industry, repeated headlines on such incident can have irreversible effects on the image of the destination," remarked MATATO. "Especially in the islands where local tourism is prominent, we encourage local communities and private sector to support and encourage programs that will ensure that tourists are well informed of safety standards and risks in areas where they frequent."

The association also stressed the need for safety information to be readily available in multiple languages in all tourist establishments, and highlighted a past collaboration with the Chinese Embassy in Maldives to distribute safety awareness leaflets to tourists.

It announced plans to re-launch the campaign with stakeholders in the tourism industry in order to distribute safety information as broadly as possible.


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