Ooredoo Maldives Introduces Revolutionary Multi-Location Secure Connectivity for Businesses

PUBLISHED January 23, 2023 | updated January 23, 2023 02:31

Ooredoo Maldives, the leading telecommunications company in the Maldives, has launched its multi-location secure connectivity solution for businesses. The new solution offers an entirely new way to manage and operate a WAN infrastructure, making it easier than ever to connect users and devices to applications. The solution also will enable organizations to improve the cost-effectiveness and simplicity of traditional WANs, while also increasing business agility. 

This solution combines diverse network circuits such as fixed broadband, ILL, and LTE, and can be added to an existing MPLS to create a hybrid network using all-Internet wired and wireless connections. This allows for multiple connectivity options, dynamic routing of workloads, and centralized network and security policies management for dynamic load balancing, application visibility and control.

The key benefits of Ooredoo's solution include simplicity, resilience, agility, performance, and cloud connectivity.

With this solution, organizations in Maldives can easily provision and configure branch offices at the islands with no human intervention and can also connect to cloud service providers’ data centers with convenience.

Moreover, the solution enables businesses of all sizes to enhance their digital transformation and improve their ability to meet the needs of customers in a connected world. It enables enterprises to quickly and efficiently design, deploy, configure, migrate, and manage their WAN infrastructure, while also adapting to the real-time demands of cloud computing, mobility, and digitization.

To learn more about Ooredoo Maldives' multi-location secure connectivity solution and to download the product brochure, visit http://ore.do/sdwaninfo.



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