Velaa Private Island Maldives Emerges as the Champions of the Tekkers Resort Cup 2023

PUBLISHED September 04, 2023 | updated September 04, 2023 02:05

Tekkers Maldives concluded the Grand Finale of the Tekkers Resort Cup 2023 on September 3, 2023 (Sunday). A heated finale match against St. Regis Vommuli Maldives saw Velaa Private Island Maldives dance their way to victory in the most dramatic of circumstances. For the Grand Finale of The Tekkers Resort Cup, the staff and passionate fans of both Velaa Private Island and St. Regis joined together for the grand occasion.

The match saw St. Regis took the lead late into the first half thanks to a goal from Ibrahim Nasath, Jersey no. 19. The Second half proved to be fierce and immensely competitive as Velaa Maldives tried to reduce the deficit. They were successful after Ibrahim Najah smashed it home to level the sides. Both sides tried to get the winner but to no avail as the only way to separate both sides was a penalty shoot-out. Velaa Private Island went on to win the game after their keeper, Ahmed Shifau, saved a crucial penalty which saw the Noonu Atoll side emerge as the Champions of the Tekkers Resort Cup.

Velaa Private Island Maldives’ keeper, Ahmed Shafiu was awarded the man of the match as well as the Goalkeeper of the tournament thanks to his heroics. The referees, Ali Muneer, Abdulla Afeef and Zaeem Ali, were awarded a plaque of appreciation. The best manager of this years’ Tekkers Resort Cup was Shamweel Gasim of Velaa Private Island. The best Young Player and the Top Scorer was awarded to Jumeirah Maldives’ Hussain Saif Moosa as he took his side to the Grand Semi-Finals of this years’ Tekkers Resort Cup. Best playmaker was given to Ali Razee of Velaa Private Island as he assisted 5 times in this tournament. The top five players in this years’ Tekkers Resort Cup were Ahmed Imthinah from Velaa Private Island, Ali Razee from Velaa Private Island, Ibrahim Nasath from St. Regis, Mohamed Ali from St. Regis and Ahmed Shifau of Velaa Private Island. And the best Player was awarded to the captain of Velaa Private Island, Ahmed Imran. 



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