Maldives Sees Increase in Ad Hoc Flights to Velana International Airport Since Border Reopening

PUBLISHED October 27, 2020 | updated October 27, 2020 02:47

According to statistics revealed by Maldives Airports Company Limited (MACL), Ad Hoc flights, including private jets, to Maldives Velana International Airport (VIA) have increased since the Maldives’ borders reopened.

The statistics revealed that during the first month (July), 28 Ad Hoc flights landed on the airport whereas in August, the flights saw an increase of 111% with a total of 59 flights. In September, there were 60 flights and in October, 126 flights, which is a 110% increase in flight arrivals from September to October.

Latest statistics by Maldives Immigration show that a total of 27, 217 tourists have arrived during the first three months of borders reopening.

With the resumption of tourism in the country and arrival of more flights to the country, the tourist arrival rate has gradually increased which in turn promises more arrivals by the end of the year. Maldivian, the national flagship carrier is also expected to resume scheduled international flights over the coming months.

According to reports of MACL, jet movements at VIA and charter flight numbers are seeing a positive increase rate during this winter season.



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