Dr. Sham’aa (Anna) - First PADI Platinum Course Director in Maldives

Movers and Shakers
PUBLISHED February 08, 2022 | updated February 08, 2022 01:32

Dr. Sham’aa (Anna) was certified as a PADI Course Director in July 2018. Since then, she has been heavily involved when it comes to professional development and is working directly alongside many educational and training programmes. In 2019, she received silver certification for her work in the previous year and later in 2020, she was officially named as a Platinum Course Director for the massive number of instructor level courses she taught in 2019.   

Before she was a PADI Course Director, Anna was a professionally trained medical doctor which also gave her the discipline to work hard and the fundamentals to succeed. 

Anna has previously been the dean of Faculty of Marine studies at Villa College and she is driven by a goal to produce the best dive professionals possible. She is currently working with Parley Maldives in the capacity of Project Manager.  

She hopes to motivate other professionals to take on the same attitude when it comes to diver training and continue to break down industry standards.  

She wishes to inspire, encourage and has a passion for more female representation in the scuba diving and watersports industry. Being in a leadership position as a PADI Platinum Course Director is the perfect way for her to reach out and develop female divers all the way to professional level.  

In 2010, she established the brand, Ocean Warriors as an Ideal, a Dream, a Mission, to inspire a new generation of Maldivians to become advocates for the ocean, to take the lead in protecting our Marine Nation - to be aware, informed, and empowered to act. Its motto, Mare Nostrum - ‘Our Seas’- extends the message that the actions of ALL of us affect the state of our seas. Therefore, it is our responsibility to step up and work to mitigate the impact on the marine environment.  

The brand has a registered NGO and a dive centre - PADI 5-Star Instructor Development Centre. Anna also informs that they are in the process of registering the Ocean Warriors Institute. 

Anna is a role model, leading by example and encourages more to get involved. In the Maldives, a country of 99% Ocean, being a Diver is definitely a skill we should all learn.


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