Flights from British Airways to Maldives

PUBLISHED July 29, 2021 | updated July 29, 2021 04:31

From the air, the atolls of the Maldives look like turquoise constellations. As you approach land, they’re moresimilar to emeralds set in white-sea shore bezels: absolutely delightful. Flying off to the Maldives with the British Airways is a bucket list cliché for a reason – beloved by celebrities, remembered by all who visit, these islands really could be the most beautiful spot on earth. 

British Airways flies to the Maldives via Doha, in the summertime utilizing their partner airline, Qatar Airways. From November to March, guests can book a direct flight from London to Malé, the capital of the islands. Due to Covid-19, schedules and airports are subject to change.

Landing at Malé airport is not the end of the bird’s eye views. Step on board an enchanting twin otter seaplane to transfer to the island destination and enjoy one more panorama before landing on the beach. Most British Airways Maldives holiday packages include the price of the transfer to allow guest a stress-free journey into paradise – all paid for in advance. Plus, the generous luggage allowance of British Airways ensures enough clothing to last a nice long stay. 

Guests can fly to the Maldives every day of the year with the partnerered airline, Qatar Airways, from London, Manchester and Edinburgh. This route will also include a stop in Doha. Between November and March guests can also fly direct to the Maldives with British Airways. 

British Airways’ seasonal direct flights depart three times a week from London Heathrow, on Sunday, Wednesday and Friday. Flights will land the following day at Malé. Direct flights back from the Maldives to London depart on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays.


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