Mediterranean Braised Lamb

PUBLISHED April 04, 2021

Enver Can Gumus
Chef De Cuisine
LUX* South Ari Atoll

Chef Enver was born in Istanbul, Turkey. He has 11 years’ experience in numerous international luxury hotels in Turkey, China, Dubai and Mauritius before he recently land in the Maldives. His main focus has been European & Asian cuisine. Chef Enver is not new to LUX* Hotels & Resorts, he joined LUX* Grand Gaube Resort & Villas Mauritius in 2019 before he moved to LUX* South Ari Atoll Resort & Villas as Chef De Cuisine.
My inspiration behind the dish is very cultural and it always reminds me of the Ramadan vibes together with my parents and friends. This is one of my favourite traditional lamb dishes that used to delight our table for a mouth-watering dinner. When I was growing up, my mom and grandmom used to cook this dish especially during Ramadan, which is the reason this dish became even more special to me. My way of preparing this dish is by choosing the freshest ingredients and focusing on authenticity. The Ramadan atmosphere captured my sensitivity and brought me back to colourfulness and warmth. Whenever I prepare this recipe, I always find myself in the heart of Mediterranean destinations. So, this is my main inspiration behind this dish. Always local, authentic, and organic ingredients.


500 gr Lamb Leg Boneless

100 gr Butter

150 gr Shallots

15 gr Garlic

5 gr Fresh thyme

150 gr Cherry tomato

500 gr Potato

200 gr pumpkins

100 ml Cream

1 pc Red onion

10 gr Parsley

80 gr Green pepper

80 ml Extra virgin olive oil

5 gr Black pepper

10 gr Paprika Powder

5 gr Nutmeg

20 gr Sea Salt

10 gr Cumin Powder

Preparation / Method

• Cut the lamb meat in medium size cubes around 3cm.

• In a large mixing bowl add together with spices, peeled shallots, fresh thyme, fine chopped garlic, fine chopped red onion, half of the butter and mix them very well. Let it rest in the refrigerator for a couple of hours.

• After the marinate time, place all ingredients from the bowl in a casserole and on top with cherry tomatoes and just 1 cup of water.

• Close the casserole properly wrap with aluminum foil ensuring to close any gap.

• Cook in the oven about 2 and half hours at 190 degrees Celsius.

• While is cooking peel the potatoes. boil them well for about 20 minutes, drain and put in a bowl. Mash them, add the remaining butter, cream, seasoning some grated nutmeg and mix well. Make sure it’s creamy and smooth.

• Peel the pumpkin and slice very thinly with a mandolin, blanch in some hot water and once cooked, dry with a paper towel and place them in a tray. Drizzle with some olive oil and salt, place in the bottom of the oven till dry and crispy.

• Once the lamb is cooked take out from casserole reduce the stock and add some chopped parsley. Keep ready for serving.

• Serve on top of the mashed potato, drizzle some lamb sauce reduction and garnish with some roasted cherry tomatoes pumpkin crisps and herbs.