The developmental works at Dhiyaneru lagoon began during August 2023. What benefit can Dhiyaneru Safari Harbour / Marina bring to the leisure boating industry of the Maldives?

PUBLISHED September 06, 2023

Amir Mansoor
Managing Director
Carpe Diem Maldives
If it's finished and delivered on time, we can talk about it.
There will be foreign flag vessels from India and other cats that might use Dhiyaneru when developed. I believe superyachts will not use that harbor.
It’s good to see that work has begun, we need to wait and see when the boating community can use it. I believe benefits will depend on the facilities available at Dhiyaneru. It has to be also noted that the lagoon has 1 marina for the boating community + 3 new resorts / islands in the lagoon .
Dhiyaneru should bring a transformational change to the way Boating business is conducted, but the success of this will depend a lot on the speed and style of implementation of the project.
On behalf of NBAM, we have met with the last 5 Presidents of the Maldives. Well, it has always been a plan and plan in place. Some had included it in their manifesto as well. In August 2023, we saw the physical work being started. Hence, we look forward to seeing it becoming a reality.