As of recent, resort islands have been focusing on various conservational activities in which many speculate it to be a front for business expansion. Do you think funds provided for such causes by charities and organizations should be retained in local banks rather than left in the hands of international parties?

PUBLISHED May 05, 2023

Ahmed Ibrahim
Noo Rani Travels
It should be locally held. The benefits to the wider economy would be significant on top of whatever conservation effort is being run.
As a local and in my own personal beliefs, I or many may not trust their banking system due to factors such as small societies where government offices are often directly related to one another through family or business ties. It may not be wise to leave funds in local banks as there could be bias or lack of transparency. However, it is still up to the organizations and charities involved to decide where to allocate their resources, and it's important to consider all potential benefits and risks associated with each option, including the access to international expertise and resources that could be valuable for conservation efforts. Ultimately, ensuring transparency and accountability in the use of funds is crucial, regardless of where the funds are retained.
Yes, it has to. The government of Maldives should have access to their books. Until recently these organizations did not employ any Maldivians. Now they do. But they get the minimum training. They should use a part of their funds to train locals. Unless they start to do this, there is no point in having them.
These accounts have to be retained in Maldivian banks. We should try to stop these people from making money on our name. Also, we should ask and have the authorities monitor these operations.
In my opinion if the project involves money, specially funds donated for conservational activities, it should be spent transparently. Meaning it should go to bank accounts and should be spent on activities that are passed through a committee with proper supporting documents.