With the reopening of Maldivian borders on July 15, 2020, there has been a rise in the number of guests who wish for longer stays. Would it be a challenge if guests are not allowed to have split stays in the country such as Resort-Liveaboard and Guesthouse-Liveaboard?

PUBLISHED October 09, 2020

Nimad Ibrahim
Managing Director
Plumeria Maldives
That would be best. However, I believe that during these “new normal” holidays, travellers will understand the challenges. And due to that, it will not affect their stay in any sort of way.
For sure, it can have an effect. But because of the situation, it is probably better not to mix.
Well, it’s not a challenge, but of course it’s always attractive to have more options.
It is very difficult. As most of the customer who book safari boat trips, always book a resort or guesthouse for them to relax before going back home. That is how most of our cruising trips run. We’ve lost couple of surf trips due to this issue.
We are seeing long-stay numbers since the reopening – which is good. In order to further encourage long stays, it is crucial that we introduce split stays combining different sectors of tourism including Resorts, Liveaboards and Guesthouses.
We operate Blueshark One and EcoBlue liveaboards and we have already had several cancellations due to this regulation. We don’t understand why it’s allowed to split between resorts but not with liveaboards. Since all travellers to the Maldives are required to have a negative test, regulations like this should be eased for all in the industry
It is a challenge. I have had a few cancellations as a result of this. I am hoping that the government will access the likelihood of allowing split stays for guests between Liveaboards and Resorts and vice-versa. Even if allowed, I am not yet willing to engage in Guesthouse & Liveaboard split stays.