Fired Octopus (with warm hash potato salad, crème fraiche, boiled egg and arugula)

PUBLISHED August 06, 2021

Bir Yadav
Executive Chef
Dhigali Maldives

According to Bir Yadav, Executive Chef at Dhigali Maldives, the Maldives and Mumbai have been immensely special to him throughout his culinary expedition. His cuisine is a concoction of the flavors that he inherited from these places. He loves to do light and refreshing new-world cuisine with a blend of subtle spices, tropical fruits, aromatic herbs and quality produce.
Octopus is unique in its flavor, texture and appearance and that’s what I love about it.


Warm potato salad Ingredients

·      New potato                             1 no. (around 60 g)

·      Red onion (chopped)              10 g

·      Tomato (chopped)                  10 g

·      Chili Green (chopped)             2 g

·      Fresh coriander (chopped)     5 g

·      Fresh Lime wedges                 1 no.

·      Maldon Sea Salt                                  1 g

·      Table salt for potato



Wash potato, rub it with some salt and char it on the flame for smokey flavor. Once nicely charred, cook further in the combi oven at 150*c if required.

Once the potato is nicely cooked, take off the skin and crush it with fork.

Add chopped seasonings, salt and squeeze lime to finish the salad. Keep aside in warm place.



·      Octopus tentacles                   300 g 

·      Sarawak pepper (for seasoning)

·      Cracked freshly roasted cumin           a pinch

·      Paprika                                                a pinch

·      Maldon sea salt (for seasoning)

·      Lime wedges                           2 no.

·      Olive Oil                                  5 ml



Clean and wash octopus under running water, please ensure the beak and eyes are taken off along with the black ink sac.

Take a deep heavy bottom pan place octopus submerged in cold water and bring it to boil.

Once the stock starts boiling bring down the temperature to simmering and cook till the octopus is tender but not over cooked (should take around 30 minutes from simmering point).

Once cooked, lightly cool it with water bath and pat dry it before seasoning with sea salt, cracked pepper, cracked roasted cumin, squeezed lime wedges, paprika and olive oil. Keep aside.


Crème Fraiche Ingredients

·      Whipped Crème Fraiche                     20 g

·      Finely chopped Garlic chives  2 g

·      Sarawak pepper (for seasoning)

·      Maldon Sea salt (for seasoning)



In a small bowl, mix garlic chives with the whipped crème fraiche, season with cracked Sarawak pepper and sea salt.


Preparation / Method

6 Minutes Boiled Egg Ingredients 

·      French farmed egg      1 no.

·      Table salt (for boiling the egg)

·      Sarawak pepper (for seasoning)

·      Maldon Sea salt (for seasoning)



Boil the egg for 6 minutes, to keep the yolk runny and luscious.

Once perfectly boil, place it in the cold water till it cools down and peel of the shell.

Cut it into halves, season with cracked Sarawak peppercorn and sea salt., Keep aside.



Arugula salad Ingredients 

·      Cleaned and washed Arugula 5 g

·      Candied Cherry Tomato                     10 g

·      Lemon vinaigrette                  2 ml



Make salad with Arugula, tomato, and Lemon vinaigrette.


Final Touch

Grill the marinated octopus on a nicely heated Charcoal grill and serve it on the warm plate assembled with warm potato salad, crème fraiche, boiled egg and salad. Bon Appetit.