Crab Pandan Salad

PUBLISHED November 10, 2020

Chef Giovanni De Ambrosis
Corporate Executive Chef
Cocoon Maldives

Award-winning, progressive culinary professional with over 25 years of experience in world-class resorts, hotels and restaurants. He exemplifies professionalism and has the ability to drive clients’ satisfaction and retention through the creation of quality food, while fostering a friendly and pleasant dining experience. With his extensive knowledge, he has strong business administrative insight, along with recruiting, training and interpersonal skills. A calm, pleasant and hardworking individual, he has proven his experience in international operations and has a history of providing support and leadership to kitchen staff. His natural ability to both, create an enthusiastic, productive working environment, and maintain a reputation of quality, service and dedication, has brought him to where he is today, The Ambassador of Italian Taste.
A fresh salad with a mix of ingredients and flavors of the Maldivian land, the land that has influenced my culinary choices for the last four years.


500gr whole crab

40gr mango

3 pc pandan leaf

50gr fresh mix salad

10gr green fresh Maldivian chilli

2 pc lime

10gr salt

5gr pepper

2 soup spoon extra virgin olive oil

2 soup spoon sweet chilli sauce


Preparation / Method

Steam the crab with pandan leaf, open it and remove the meat. Cut and wash the mixed salad, then add the crab.

Dressing: Cut the mango into small cubes; you will use it to make a dressing with sweet chilli sauce, lime, salt, pepper, extra virgin olive oil and green fresh Maldivian chilly.

Place the shell in the middle of a plate, add the crab and salad with the dressing.